Reality Check

A youth action component that supports tobacco control efforts

Reality Check youth, age 13-18, engage communities in order to change norms about tobacco and strengthen tobacco-related policies that prevent and reduce tobacco use.

Efforts focus on reducing youth exposure to harmful tobacco marketing in retail settings, limiting exposure to secondhand smoke, and reducing smoking imagery through the media.

Legislative Education Day 2019

Reality Check Youth have a unique opportunity to gather with teens across the state each year to share with officials their experiences and concerns about Big tobacco. This Legislative Day, youth utilized life sized props to illustrate tobacco marketing within the community to help educate their locally elected officials; their message: the toll of tobacco harms everyone costing communities around the state nearly $10.4 billion dollars in annual health care costs annually. On this day Reality Check youth and community members, raised a collective voice to say, “We have seen enough tobacco”.

Every year Reality Check of New York State recognizes youth around the state for their extraordinary work holding Big tobacco accountable for their marketing tactics to youth. This year Giavani Marracco (E. Irondequoit HS) won Western Region Youth Advocate of the Year and Max Serling received Honorable Mention! Congratulations!
We are extremely proud of the passion and drive that these RC youth possess to help create tobacco-free communities in Livingston and Monroe Counties!